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Nuestra misión es gestionar las finanzas de STARTUPS entre fases seed y serie A y PIMES, implementando herramientas tecnológicas y facilitando el acceso a la financiación para el rápido crecimiento de los negocios innovadores.


Financiación pública

We are specialists in several public soft loans We study which line of financing is the most suitable for your company and prepare all the necessary documentation for its execution. We work 100% successfully on the funding obtained, and our success rate is over 95%.

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Financiación privada

We get both non-dilutive investment –Bank Financing– and dilutive acquisition -Private investors-. (Business Angels, VC, CVC, Family Offices..). For this, we have an advisory service in which we review the size of the round and its valuation, write the Business Plan, check the Deck, filter the investors most in line with your company and your current stage.

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Financial management

Within our CFO service, we adapt to your company. We offer personalized services that provide significant added value: Study of which financing is the best for your company according to your characteristics, cash situation, and stage; Treasury Reporting, where you can review the financial position of your company in just 5 minutes; Accounting Consolidation, where we will show the image and situation of your assets; Cohort study and market analysis; Business Plan; and everything your company needs to continue growing.

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