We are the CFO
of your team

Your finances are our business

As CFO of your company, we first take care of analyzing the financial status of your company and adapt your finances to your growth strategy. On a day-to-day basis, we control cash flow and runway, perform monthly analyses, forecasts and deviations, and analyze the Financial Statements and Annual Accounts. We automate your accounting so that from your dashboard, you can control your company in one click. We are experts in obtaining public and private funding.


Public financing

We are specialists in several public soft loans We study which line of financing is the most suitable for your company and prepare all the necessary documentation for its execution. We work 100% successfully on the funding obtained, and our success rate is over 95%.

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Private funding

We get both non-dilutive investment –Bank Financing– and dilutive acquisition -Private investors-. (Business Angels, VC, CVC, Family Offices..). For this, we have an advisory service in which we review the size of the round and its valuation, write the Business Plan, check the Deck, filter the investors most in line with your company and your current stage.

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Financial management

Within our CFO service, we adapt to your company. We offer personalized services that provide significant added value: Study of which financing is the best for your company according to your characteristics, cash situation, and stage; Treasury Reporting, where you can review the financial position of your company in just 5 minutes; Accounting Consolidation, where we will show the image and situation of your assets; Cohort study and market analysis; Business Plan; and everything your company needs to continue growing.

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We are delighted to be part of


Our team

We are passionate about technology and innovation. We believe in the lean startup as a methodology. We understand Saas, marketplaces, B2B, and B2C models But our obsession is that our clients have a solid financial strategy and a controlled treasury to grow their company while taking care of their Captable.


Vicente Ruiz
Financial Advisory


Estefanía Gil
Account Manager


Raquel Bernal
Business Advisor


Marcela Mersing
Accounting and Tax


Alberto Martínez
Account Manager.


Marcela Cocar
Finance Accountant


Alba Terrada
Business Controller


Belen Mersing
Business Controller


Teresa Bas
Accounting and Tax


Alexandra Marinescu
Accounting and Tax


Juan Carlos Coello
Finance Accountant


Miguel Ángel Navarro
Business Development


Paula Orozco
Accounting Specialist


Miguel Arce
Public Financing Associate


Paula Antón
Accounting Specialist


Florencia Menegón
Finance Associate


Borja Santacreu
Accounting Specialist

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